Welcome to the homepage of Finnish amateur radio station OH6GZT

Something about me...

My name is Petteri, friendly name Pete. I was born in year 1986 in city of Vaasa. Nowadays I'm still living in Vaasa, together with my wife Suvi and our son Oskari. I started my hobby with CB-radios year 1996 and have been active since it on CB and later onHAM-radio bands. I'm active on bands from my home QTH at Vaasa and from our summerhouse at city of Närpiö.

My interest to radios got started when i saw a movie called "Smokey & The Bandit", wich contains lot's of CB-radio activity. I got my first CB-radio from my father at age of 10. After that I heard about local SWL/DX-club and buyed a Selena reveicer for listening to shortwave radiostations. Of course there was some hams also on CB-band, they told me about local radioamateur club OH6AA and invited to visit their club.. It was awesome to take some second-operator QSO's from clubstation and then I decided what i want to be... A Ham-radio operator.

I got my first hamradio license 2005 at age of 18, novice priviledges with all bands and 100W of power. At year 2006 i studyed and complished the test to get full advanced privledges and from 2006 to nowdays my license is CEPT-Harec with full priviledges and 1.5kW power.

Member of SRAL - The Finnish Amateur Radio League and local radioamateur club OH6AA - Vaasan kuutoset.

My truely intrests in this hobby is having DX QSO's at phone, Field-days / DX-peditions, building and testing antennas and talking with local ham-friends. From this webpage you can find some info about my station, pictures and contact informations. Now as new intrest im been active on digimodes, expecially JT65 on HF bands from 80 to 10m.

Hope to hear you on bands! I will send QSL via bureau from every qso! 73 de OH6GZT Pete

During year 2017 i will be active with callsign OF6GZT to celebrate Finlands 100 years of independence!

Check where i am ? OH6GZT on APRS

Im also writing a blog about my experiences with hamradio etc. Blog is only in finnish language. -> Peten Radioblogi.